Help Apollo Get Home

Thank you for joining us to help Apollo return home. We are heartbroken that he is still missing, but we continue to search, follow up on leads, and remain hopeful that he will be returned (or wander on back) to us.

Apollo darted out the front door on the evening of March 2, 2019. A search of the neighborhood led to a single sighting of him before he disappeared into the night and hasn’t been seen since. It is our hope that he found some nice person who brought him in and has been treating him well since he escaped without a collar and ID. He is microchipped and as soon as he is scanned, it is our hope that we will be contacted and will be able to be reunited.

Apollo is a brown tabby (striped/mackerel*), domestic shorthair mix. At the time of escape, he was 12 pounds, one year eight months old on March 2nd, and he had been an indoor only cat. He tends to stay back and be watchful of new people in our home, but is normally a friendly fellow with affectionate and loud purrs.

CONTACTS:   –    Facebook: Find Apollo Cat

He can also be brought to local vets such as Alpine Animal Hospital (map) or The Cat Clinic of Issaquah (map).
Ask them to scan his microchip!

*If you are interested in learning about mackerel tabbies, Catster has a great article: What Exactly is a Mackerel Tabby Cat? 

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